Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tour de Groundhog

Tour de Groundhog is a cyclocross oddity.  It is held in February which is well past the traditional cross season in the US (but it does synch more closely with the end of cross season in Europe!).

The race always features terrible weather and course conditions.  This year a spring thaw melted away most of the snow, but left behind lots of mud.  I tend to race well at this event because there is a nasty, muddy run-up each lap (10 laps of about 1.3 miles each).  There is also a fast, somewhat technical downhill each lap that I have gotten better at over the years.

This year I finished 3rd overall in the open (all categories) race.  The guys above me on the podium are some pretty serious cross racers, so I was quite happy with this race as my season opener.

Nasty, muddy keeps going from here!

The Springfield State Journal Register has a few more pics of the race:

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Anonymous said...

congrats! (our cyclocross is usually in "winter"-but our winters are like your summers, kinda...)
Looks like intense fun!