Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Announcing: ECO Michigan Triathlon Camp, Aug. 10-16

When I was coming up through the ranks of midwest amateur triathlon racing Joe Company was one of the pros in the region that was always at or near the front of many of the races I went to. Back then, I used those guys as the measuring stick for where I was and where I wanted to be. Fast forward a decade or so and I was excited to learn that Joe had moved back to Central Illinois where he has family. In the intervening years Joe had earned a Masters and PhD in exercise physiology and had established a well-known and respected multisport coaching company: Endurance Company.

This brings us to the camp announcement. I had been looking for a late summer / early fall camp for myself, but that would also create lots of extra work at home for Cara managing the kids.  I saw that Joe was pulling together an early August tri camp in Michigan that also would accommodate athlete's families.  Genius, right?

The timing of this camp will be great for anyone targeting a big race in the early fall like: Ironman Wisconsin, Challenge Cedar Point, Ironman Louisville or Ironman Chattanooga. It is not specifically a long course camp, but there will be lots of training opportunities!  Here's the basics:


Camp Friedenswald, Cassopolis, Michigan (Southern Michigan)

Triathletes looking for a solid week of late summer training. This camp is not for brand new triathletes, but the training will accommodate a wide variety of paces.

5 days of training, strength training, educational seminars, optional family activities

What else is included?
6 nights lodging, all meals.

What's it going to set me back?
Athletes: $700
Adult Family Members: $300
Kids 4-8: $200
Kids under 4: free

You can download the camp brochure here!

More about Endurance Company here.

If you have questions get in touch with Joe and/or myself!

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