Sunday, February 10, 2008

Announcing: C&C Triathlete Factory!

C&C Triathlete Factory

Gonna Make you Sweat Spring Tri Camp

April 18-20

One of the greatest experiences of my life was pre-season cross country camp in college. At Augustana, we took both the men's and women's teams up to rural Minnesota for a week of killer training plus lots of teambuilding time water skiing, playing horseshoes and sand volleyball. It's an experience I've wanted to replicate for a long time.

Over the summer I found a possible location closer to home to make this a reality. My wife and I took her high school cross country team to Camp Wokonda near Peoria, IL. As I ran the trails at camp I thought, this just might work for a tri camp!

So I got together with my training partner and fellow '08 Kona qualifier Chris Daniels to put together C&C Triathlete Factory.

For two and a half days in April we are going to offer Midwest triathletes an opportunity to sample what the expensive camps in warmer climates are all about. We are gearing this camp towards novice and intermediate triathletes. We've come up with a good mix of hard training sessions balanced with easier technique sessions and seminars.
Registration is now open. All the details can be found on the site:


Tracy said...

Site looks pretty interesting! Way to go getting this all set up, sounds like the camp will be a blast!

Unknown said...

Wow I'm definitely bummed I won't be in town that weekend!

A few years ago I heard of a cyclist raising money for a charity by setting up his trainer outside of a grocery store and biking for 5 hours...and people just put money in a jar for him like the Santa outside Walmart during Christmas! haha maybe you and CD should check that out next time you plan on doing a long trainer workout... maybe you'll get a few bucks and some free food lol