Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kona Athlete Guide!!

It's been nearly a year since I qualified for Kona at IM WI '07. In many ways, this is the ideal situation since #1 I didn't have to race another IM in the same season as Kona and #2 I had an entire year to improve. The small downside, I guess, is that I did have more than a year before the race. Contrast this with my friend and fellow Tri-Shark club member, N.K., who just last weekend raced IM Louisville and snagged himself a Kona slot for THIS YEAR! That's a little over a month between races! Congrats and Youch!

Anyway, yesterday I received an e-mail with the 2008 Kona athlete guide. This really drove home to me that I am really and truly in the final stretch of preparation. I have my last tune-up half this weekend (Great Illini) and then about 3 weeks of hard work before entering a carefully orchestrated 3 week taper.

I thought I would share a few gems from the athlete guide!

5:00 p.m. Ironman Parade of Nations (athletes gather at 4 p.m.)
(There is a f***in Parade of Nations?! Holy crap!)

2) Seasickness is the major cause of dropping out of the swim
(that's not in other athlete guides!)

3) When training, stay clear of the Kona charter boats that use Kailua Pier.

The rocks and sides of the Kailua Pier often have sea urchins on them. Always look before putting your feet down, as stepping on one could result in serious injury keeping you from
competing in the race!

From the airport area to Hawi, you will be biking into the legendary Ho'omumuku headwinds. These winds blow 5-35 mph and, in extreme conditions, can gust up to 60 mph. While air temperatures may register in the high 80’s to low 90’s, temperatures along this section of the course may exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit due to the refl ected heat from the lava and asphalt.

1) No form of locomotion other than running, walking or crawling is allowed.

On a moonless night in Kona, it is very dark. We urge all of you to make yourselves as visible as possible.

If you spend three months prior to the World Championship in a climate cooler than Hawaii, we suggest you take a three-week acclimation period in Kona before the race.
(HAH! Right.)

2007 top Male 25-29
Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, USA 59:29 4:56:26 3:00:27 9:00:09
(yowza! This also happens to be the fastest amateur time overall as is generally the case with the 25-29 AG)


Tracy said...

Oh how cool is THAT! Getting to be go time, I'm so excited for you!

TriCajun said...

If your wife is going, make sure she brings her training stuff - it's very cool to do some of Hawaii's IM course, even if you're not registered.

Michelle said...

I like the one about taking 3 weeks of time to acclimate to the climate. Who actually does that?!

How exciting! The countdown is definitely on!

JP Severin said...

Go murder kona. Appreciated the help on IM MOO. The best thing was "easy on the ups". It kept me in check and from blowing up on the run.

Craig said...

I one allowed to roll? What about shuffle along cramps in both legs? ;)

Good luck!